Monday, July 26, 2010

Visits from my Angel Cat, Dickens

It started a week ago.

I was sitting at the desk when I felt the familiar brush of a cat walking beneath my chair, rubbing against my legs. As always, I reached down to playfully grab the tail – something I’ve done for years whenever one of the kitties came into my office.

I grabbed onto…nothing. No one was there. My three cats were spending time in the upstairs bathroom as a carpet cleaner made his way through my home.

Definitely beloved cat who had earned his angel wings on 7/10/10.

Yesterday, for the first time since Dickens has been gone, I experienced a perfect moment. Everything shifted, and suddenly I felt completely at peace with the world. I knew all was as it should be. I was even laughing!

The feeling continued until I went to bed. I was nodding off when I slipped into some type of dream state. It happened so fast I’m not sure it was a dream. I was looking out the window at the bird feeders in the backyard, when suddenly Dickens came flying out of nowhere and landed on one large feeder and threw out his paws like an actor who had just run into the spotlight.

“I’m HERE!” he seemed to say. I could describe his beautiful face
in one word...JOY.

I immediately woke up and saw that only a minute had passed since I last looked at the clock. Then I went blissfully back to sleep, knowing that Dickens had found a way to let me know he was well and happy.

Just lovely…

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Anonymous said...

What a gift he gave you. I'm so glad he let you know.

Chris Davis said...

I knew he'd stop by, Bernadette - it was just a matter of time!

Tammy said...

Very, very cool!! My Bear cat "talked" to me for a long time after I had to euthanize him. I heard him often!

Bob S. said...

My my, Chris, what a wonderful experience. I went all aglow when I read it. Thank you. Bob

Chris Davis said...

Tammy, how wonderful about Bear! I hope I hear Dickens - he was quite the talker here on earth!

Chris Davis said...

Thank you so much, Bob - it makes me glow, too!

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