Wednesday, April 23, 2008

But Where Will the Dog Sit?

When the dog is this tall, the answer is – anywhere he wants to!

Check out Maxie sitting on the lap of my dear friend, Ruth Phillips, who lives in Marietta, GA. That’s Lisa, Maxie’s Mom, watching from the side.

Based on the pictures I received, it looks like any sturdy lap - or piece of furniture -will do as far is Maxie is concerned.

I've never shared my life with a dog of this size - is this common?


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Best Friends Animal Society

OK – so I’m not a great traveler. For me, getting on a plane is like jumping off a cliff into a rattlesnake pit. Plus, I adore my comfy bed, my lovely home in the woods, and most of all…my critters.

BUT…if I were to pack a suitcase and head out of town I would very likely point myself toward Kanab, Utah, and the home of the nation’s largest animal sanctuary, operated by the Best Friends Animal Society. Over the years many people have told me about the special wonder of this peaceful place, but no one has sung its praises more than Fran Baumgartner.

Fran and I have never actually met (that would require traveling) but we have shared many an email about animals, books and her passion for hitting the open road on a motorcycle…with her husband…and her dog. I’m not sure how that works but Fran promises to explain that to me.

The sanctuary offers monthly blessings for the animals, an event that Fran (who lives in Arizona) attends when she can. She took many pictures during her recent visit to the sanctuary, and then graciously emailed them to me

What a treat! It was almost like being there. The sanctuary is nestled in the red rock landscape of Angel Canyon. There are simply no words for the natural beauty of this magnificent place – it is breathtaking. The views from the cottages are very inspiring, and the curved gate to Angels Rest is exquisite. It truly lives up to everything I have heard about it.

One day I hope to visit Best Friends. Until then, I feel I am already there…in spirit...thanks to Fran.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Thank you, Oprah!

As many of you know, Oprah’s April 4th show exposed the hidden – and horrific world – of puppy mills. Many of the dogs who begin their lives in these factories wind up in pet stores or for sale online. It is impossible for any compassionate human being to process what goes on in these places. Like so many of the animal lovers who watched Oprah’s show, I sat there with tears flowing down my cheeks.

I find myself overwhelmed when I come face to face with behavior that causes unspeakable pain for any living creature. Whether it’s puppy mills, or the sickening world of dog-fighting, or the pup down the street who lives its life on the end of a chain, I simply can’t understand how people can deliberately torture other living beings. How do you come home in the evening to a partner or child, after you've spent the day consciously destroying the body, or spirit, of another living creature? How do you sleep at night?

According to the Humane Society of the United States, over 4 million shelter dogs and cats are euthanized each year. That’s 4 million innocent, loving critters who are just waiting to come home and be part of someone’s family. Dogs like Jake…my dear Jake…who I found in 1995 at the local shelter. I have written endlessly about my beloved Jake, who I lost in 2006. No one could ever "manufacture" a more magnificent, magical, joyous or loving dog than Jake. And he was just sitting there in the shelter…waiting for me.

Shelters are overflowing with creatures who are waiting for you to find them. If you are looking for a furry friend, I urge you to visit your local shelter. You just might help put a puppy mill out of business.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

UFOs - Real or Not?

The other day I watched a TV show about UFO encounters – could they be real? I would find it sad to think that we HAVEN’T been visited by beings from other worlds. All those planets in all those solar systems – SOMEONE must have found us interesting enough to stop by and say hi.

On the show they talked about resonant frequencies, saying all matter vibrated at a certain frequency and suggesting that similar frequencies attracted each other. This came up in a story about a possible spacecraft that used this principle to travel at great speed and distance in a tiny bit of time.

OK – as soon as someone mentions time travel, parallel universes and alternate realities I get really excited! I don’t have to understand all the details to know in my heart theses ideas are based on truth. As a child, all my science projects were about space. If I had been able to sit through my science classes without daydreaming perhaps I would have entered a scientific field, instead of becoming a writer.

While I haven’t addressed the possibility of UFOs in my books, I DO write about
UFDs – Unidentified Flying Dogs!

What about you - do YOU believe in UFOs - or UFDs?