Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Squirrel lessons

He’s been coming to my yard for several weeks now. I don’t really know for sure that HE is a HE – it just feels that way to me.

He crawls under the fence and drags his broken body up the hill. I can tell his eyesight is impaired, but he always finds the sunflower seeds scattered in the yard. He grabs a pawful of the precious morsels, stands up and immediately falls over. Unable to stay in an upright position, he rolls over on his back and enjoys his feast.

When the seeds are gone, he rights himself and crawls around until he finds more goodies. Then the eating routine begins again. This goes on for hours.

And OH, the delight when he finds a peanut!

When his belly is full, he crawls down the hill and heads out of my yard, his tail disappearing under the fence.

Sometimes he doesn't show up for a week, and I wonder if my little friend has gone to squirrel heaven. Then I notice him on his back, in the middle of all the other squirrels, and my heart is overjoyed to see him, again.

He lives a simple life, and despite his challenges seems to find joy and delight in everything he does.

So many lessons from this special little creature…

Chris Davis
Publishing magical books for animal lovers