Saturday, February 24, 2007

And the winner is....

No, I’m not referring to The Oscars. Now that I’ve created all this space, I was curious to see what wondrous idea would step up and present itself to me, eager to become part of my life.

Would it be a dog? A person - preferably a landscaper with deck repair connections? A new product to offer to the animal lovers who enjoy our books?

I’m excited to say that the winner is…a new book! Over the years, many people have suggested I write something about the wonderful animals who wait in shelters for someone to rescue them. All of my critters have been rescued – many from shelters, one from a shipyard and another from running on the train tracks.

Then there are my four magical kitties. Jake found them in the yard 9 years ago, when they were 3 weeks old. Sometimes it’s hard to believe the furballs have been with me that long. Other times I can’t imagine there was EVER a time the kitties weren’t in my life, keeping me inspired and entertained.

So there it is - a new book about shelter animals is going through the birthing process.

Will keep you updated…