Thursday, January 11, 2007

Making Space

And so the New Year begins. It was only a few months ago I stood with my arms open, gazing into the starry skies, hoping the universe would send a new dog companion to heal my hurting heart.

The thought that I might be “Dogless in Portland” seemed inconceivable to me. Yet, here I am, welcoming 2007 with my four fabulous cats, lots of book ideas, a commitment to learn some sophisticated software.....but no dog.

I am hearing a voice telling me I need space.

“OK,” I ask, “for what?”

“Ah, that’s for you to discover,” I’m told.

There are times I wish the voice would be a bit more specific. I usually get a book story (with no title) or a book title (and only a partial story outline.)

But in my heart I know the voice is right...I do need space. I have spent most of my time on this planet cramming my life with people, experiences, thoughts, things......packing it in so tight that with every step I took I’d crash into something....or someone.

Now there are a lot more holes in my world. In the past that would have felt very out of balance to me, but I find myself redefining what “balance” really means. I sense these spaces are brimming with possibilities.

It’s a little scary, but the truth is.....I LIKE it!