Thursday, June 28, 2007

25 Years Ago Today

Twenty five years ago today, six puppies were born in the bathroom of the old home I used to live in. They were all precious, but there was something special about one of them. She was covered in dark, fluffy fur, and she seemed to be oblivious to the rest of the world….and I mean that in a good way!

I named her Martha, and she and her mom became doggies three and four in our home. It would be impossible to capture Martha’s spirit in words. There was an ethereal quality to this wondrous creature. She seemed to belong to another world, always listening to voices I would never be able to hear.

I still remember a magical dream I had about Martha. I was looking out the bedroom window, and there she was, standing straight up on her hind legs, dancing in the moonlight with a flock of flamingos!

Martha would spend the next 13 ½ years with me, until the moment she took her last breath, cradled in my arms. It was the overwhelming devastation I felt from her loss that would lead to the creation of my first book, For Every Dog An Angel. There is a page in that book that shows a dancing dog, high on a hill with its guardian angel. That was my Martha.

Happiest of birthdays, my dear girl….


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Has it really been a year?

The photos are all around me…on my desk, on the piano, on the wall in my home, on my computer…everyone I look I still see Jake’s beautiful, smiling face.

Has it really been a year since I had to say goodbye to this magnificent creature? That’s what the calendar says, but in my heart it feels like we just parted ways yesterday, so he could continue his journey through the stars.

This past week I’ve had several dreams about a pack of dogs who have carved out a stone cave – like wolves in a den – only it is attached to the back of my home. I see them through the window. There are dogs of all shapes and sizes. When I go out there, a black dog detaches himself from the pack and comes over to say hello. He (I know it is a HE) is very friendly and happy to see me.

Perhaps this is some heavenly place
, and the black dog is Jake. Or maybe that dog represents all the wonderful dogs I have shared my life with.

Or maybe…just maybe….this is some alternate reality where another “Chris” lives with her dogs, and they are showing themselves to me so I will know that my connection to DOG is still as strong as ever.

All I know is I was deeply comforted by those dreams.

Keep flying through those stars, dear Jake…but never forget you are welcome to visit anytime.