Saturday, November 26, 2011

Addicted to Hallmark

Addiction – it’s a terrible thing.

You try to get through the day…just ONE day…without succumbing to the pull of the object you’re addicted to. But what if that addiction is to The Hallmark Channel – specifically, all those feel-good movies?

I can usually keep my addiction under control for the first 10 months of the year, but when the holiday season rolls around I fall apart. I long for the end of the day, when I can put my feet up in front of the fire, gather my critters around me, and escape into the land of Hallmark.

In this magical place, kindly nannies always turn out to be angels…or Mrs. Santa Claus. The lost dog finds his way home, and a fluffy bundle of feline fur waits under the Christmas tree for the boy who always wanted a kitten.

In Hallmarkland, lonely people find their perfect match – often the person living next door. It is never…EVER…the new love interest who wants to send the lonely person’s children to boarding school!

One of my favorite Hallmark movies is A Dog Named Christmas, which is currently showing on TV. You will never look at a ball rolling on the ground the same way. A word of advice, though - do NOT watch this movie without a large box of tissues handy.

The Christmas Card is another moving story…very poignant.

Sure, most of these movies are predictable, and a bit on the syrupy side, but who cares? I know by the time the credits roll I’ll be both satisfied AND sobbing.

Addiction - it CAN be a terrible thing - but not always!

So, what’s YOUR favorite Hallmark movie?

(Note – I have no connection to Hallmark and don’t know anyone affiliated with them. I just like their movies.)

Chris Davis
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