Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Loss of an Angel

If there’s one thing any animal lover understands it’s the feelings of heartbreak and loss when someone loses a cherished four-legged friend.  

My friend, Ellen Meade, lost her dog, Pixie’s Angel, last week. Here are her thoughts about her beloved Pixie. 

Pixie's Angel was truly an angel. She was white with ears shaped like an angel’s wings. She had one son, JoJo who I helped bring into the world, with her permission of course. She was the sweetest girl I ever knew and she is now with her sister, Kiwi, with whom she liked to "hunt" bugs and lizards. 

She was the sweetness in our home - always ready to curl up in your lap and gift you with kisses. She was always happy and loved to play in the sunshine. 

She had just turned 10 years old on June 8th and died August 25 on the eve of National Dog Day. One of her last gifts to me happened in the early morning when she rolled over on her belly and allowed me to rub her softly. She was weak and I knew her time was limited, but she did that for me. Her last gift to me was to die in my arms, giving me the gift of not watching the needle help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. She left this world on her own terms and is now hunting lizards in Heaven. 

I can envision her white body, soaring over the clouds in her new home waiting for the day we will meet again. 

Goodbye my sweet Pixie - my special little girl - I will love you always.
Watch over your mommy, Pixie, until you can be together again. 

With love,
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