Sunday, August 15, 2010

Portraits of Love

That’s what my dear friend, author and artist extraordinaire Connie Bowen, calls the pet portraits she creates for animal lovers.

And that’s what Connie gifted me with on Friday the 13th – a breathtaking
portrait of my beautiful back cat, Dickensa recent arrival at the Rainbow Bridge.

Connie had surprised me earlier in the week
when she emailed a photo of the painting, inspired by a picture of Dickens I had posted at my blog.
I opened the attachment and there was my boy…my sweet Dickens…looking back at me! Shooting stars were leaping from his body, and the twinkle in his eyes suggested he could barely contain all the starlight within.

There are no words to express the joy I feel every time I look at this portrait of Dickens.
I am mesmerized by his peaceful face. I find myself daydreaming about all the adventures my beloved friend is having up in the heavens.

There are no words…except to say thank you with all my heart.

Grateful purrs,


portraitsofanimals said...

It's really beautiful, Chris, and how thoughtful of her! Give me details--is it a 16x20 acrylic like the ones she describes on her site? And what a wonderful idea with the stars!

Chris Davis said...

Bernadette, as a spectacular artist yourself I know you can appreciate this beautiful portrait. It's an 11x14 acrylic.

I told Connie about your piece "White" - I haven't been able to get that one out of my mind! You said there's no white in that painting, and Connie told me there's no black in this portrait of Dickens!

Tammy said...

What a gorgeous painting, and a wonderful gift!

Stullich said...

Wow! Chris. The picture sent goose bumps through me.