Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The cat, the urn and the dream

When I saw this pottery jar I knew it was the perfect place for his ashes.

Black cats running through misty fields – surely one of them is my angel kitty, Dickens. When he’s not playing in fields of green, I know he’s flying through the starry skies with all his angel friends.

It’s funny – I always thought his closest angel buddy would be Jake, the beloved dog I lost in 2006. After all, it was Jake who found Dickens and his sisters 12 years ago.

But last night I had a dream about Martha, the magical dog who started me on my writing journey. I used to dream about Martha all the time…now she shows up when she has something to tell me.

In the dream, she was running next to my car as I drove near a highway. We came to an on-ramp and suddenly she veered left onto the ramp and headed onto I-84. “I’ve got to merge” she told me. “Dickens.”

Then POOF – she was gone!

And I knew she was on her way to see my beloved sweet boy.




Anonymous said...

Amazing, absolutely amazing.

And what a lovely urn! I'll have to show it to Deb Chebatoris!

Chris Davis said...

Thanks, Bernadette - I really love this urn. And Martha stopping by was such a wonderful surprise!

sharon said...

Do you remember where you got that beautiful urn? I had the website bookmarked once upon a time but no more.

Chris Davis said...

Sharon, I bought that urn here in Portland, at a crematorium. It really is beautiful!