Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paw Prints of Love

You’ve got to love a woman who tattoos paw prints around her wrist!

This beautiful wrist belongs to Crystal, the counter employee at the post office who took care of my package this morning. Crystal explained the paw prints are for each of her special critters, and she will be adding a new paw print soon!

There is also a new two-legged addition to the family on the way – Crystal is pregnant with her son. The baby will be named Lucas, after one of Michael Vick's dogs. This special dog now resides at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, after having been removed from the hell-on-earth existence he and the other dogs endured because of Vick.

Crystal has met Lucas at Best Friends – she had the picture on her cell phone to prove it! She makes the journey to Utah twice a year to interact with the animals and staff. Whenever I meet people who've visited the sanctuary they all have one thing in common - the same shining eyes and hopeful voices as they share stories about the animals they met and how their lives have been transformed by these wonderful creatures. 

As I left the post office I could feel Crystal’s love for animals flowing from her heart into my own. It was one of those little unexpected moments that happen in life…the kind that leave you quietly breathless.

Chris Davis
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Layla ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

I love these "random" encounters. It shows we're on our follow our bliss track.

Bernadette said...

That's definitely one of those moments that takes your breath away, as the saying goes. You know we animal lovers always find each other, and the animals always find us.

Christine Davis said...

Thank you, Layla - follow our bliss track indeed!

Christine Davis said...

It's so true, Bernadette - we animal lovers do find each other - even in the post office!

Anonymous said...

You find these special people when you least expect it. I could feel the special feeling just reading the story.

Christine Davis said...

I love meeting kindred spirits!Crystal's beautiful heart and love for animals was very powerful. It was a pleasure being around her, even if only for the few moments it took to mail a package.

Jamie said...

well I have the blessing of Christine Davis being my friend
and it's all because of our brothers and sisters in the animal world
This pic and blog says it all

Christine Davis said...

Thank you very much, Jamie. I'm so glad our love for all creatures great and small brought us together!