Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day - Books, Ashes and Seeds

Today is Earth Day – a day of celebration and awareness for this beautiful planet on which we live.

I looked out the window this morning, and couldn’t help feeling my heart skip a beat as I remembered that the earth now holds the ashes of my beloved cats, Dickens and Pippen.

When I had their remains cremated, I included copies of the books I've written for animals lovers. The magic and energy of these two precious kitties will forever be entwined with my writing, so it felt right to send my books along with them.

I sprinkled some of their ashes into the outdoor cat enclosure, a favorite place for the two sibling cats. However, I didn't understand at the time that the ashes of the books were more than remains – they were seeds.

So here I am, many months later, finishing the illustrations for my new book - Forever Paws - due out this year.

This new title is truly a labor of love, inspired by Dickens and Pippen. In fact, these two heavenly imps watch over this project with great affection. I have heard Pippen’s unique meow many times, which sends me running through the house looking for her.

Today is a day to celebrate Mother Earth, and the many precious gifts she tenderly holds for us in her heart.

May she help all of our seeds to grow.

Chris Davis
Lighthearted Press
Publishing magical books for animal lovers


Tammy said...

Wonderful! Such a great way to see things!! Congratulations on your upcoming book!

Chris Davis said...

Thanks so much, Tammy. Being a cat lover yourself, I know you understand the timeless connection with have with our critters!

Anonymous said...

Christine, what a beautiful thought! And how touching that Pippen is talking to you as you work. These magical experiences truly bless our work, don't they? I can't wait to see your new book!

Chris Davis said...

Thanks, Bernadette. In her last few years Pippen began talking quite a lot. She had such an unusual meow - I love still hearing it!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm finally trying to read all your blogs and get caught up. (I'm really behind) I love this one especially because of your reference to their ashes and the seeds of your books. I love the title of the new book and can't wait to catch a glimpse of your wonderful creativity both verbal and artistically. LOL, Kathy, your fuzzy Cat-Sis!

Chris Davis said...

Why thank you, fuzzy sister! Can't wait until I can hold the new book in my hands!