Sunday, October 11, 2009

My new neighbor

This summer a lovely new family moved into the home next door. The household included two wonderful Standard Poodles, but last week the four-leggeds grew by one.

Meet this sweet little toy poodle puppy. Is he cute or what? The little guy is waiting for a name. I told this fluff ball he is welcome to crawl under my fence any time.

Whether I return him is another story.

I sure do miss having a dog in my life, but thankfully there are enough pups in the neighborhood to help me get a regular doggie fix.

Perhaps my angel dog, Jake, had a hand…I mean paw…in arranging this.



Tammy said...

What a great little neighbor! I had a toy poodle when I was a kid, and I always think of my Beau Beau when I see another! I keep thinking - I need to find a neighbor with a dog who will let me "borrow" him to walk with me!

Christine Davis said...

He really is a sweetheart, Tammy, and he's so confident! Still looking for a name, though....